Easy Estimation Tool

Note: This is a rough estimate, please contact us at 816-260-5775 more accurate estimation.

The variance calculations are a ball park figures for an idea of job costs. $2.00 per square feet variance could be expected. Several other job site variables can effect the cost. Be sure to understand only after we are called out and give an onsite bid estimation should you have your mind focused for cost.

We never want to cause confusion, We just would like your questions on cost to be on the same page at best before clients spend valued time in research.

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Resurface type:

Epoxy Flake Floor
Epoxy Metallic Floor
Concrete Staining
concrete pool deck resurfacing
Concrete Power Washing and Sealing
Industrial Coatings
Concrete Resurfacing and Coatings “interior only” Slate Look
Concrete Resurfacing and Coatings “interior only” Tile Look
Concrete Resurfacing and Coatings “interior only” Rustic Wood Look

Estamated price per 1 sq foot:   $


width and length

SQ Foot: 

Estimated cost is : $