How to Seal Concrete





Here in Kansas City Mo. and surrounding areas, we experience long cold winters and long hot summers. Summer beats up on your concrete & Winter knocks it out…no wonder it’s starting to pit, pop, crack, and flake. The Concrete Protector works by penetrating into the pores of the concrete and then creates a protective barrier. Economical, environmentally friendly, and doesn’t change the texture or color of the concrete.

When it comes to protecting your concrete, nothing can be more beneficial to its longevity then sealing. Concrete sealers provide protection from weather exposure, moisture, and deicing salts, and will protect from freeze/thaw damage, as well as a host of other possible contaminates such as oil and leaf stains to name a few. This will enhance the natural beauty of the concrete and make it easier to clean and maintain in the future.

Preparing an existing concrete surface for a sealer is very important. It is best to wash the surface with a pressure washer attached to a Hoover Scrubber, then rinsed with a wand. I recommend using a high-quality concrete cleaner from The Concrete Protector line of product. Dirt, mold, mildew, and all unsightly stains should be removed if possible prior to applying a concrete sealer. Some stains in the concrete may be seated deep and will remain.

Once the concrete driveway is dry after cleaning or cured if it is newer (21 days), it is ready for a coat of The Concrete Protector hydrophobic penetrating sealer. This is a high quality concrete sealer. You will apply the sealer after mixing in a Back Pack Pump Sprayer. Follow the directions on the bottle. You should get approximately 250 square feet out of 2 ¼ gallons of Sealer using The Concrete Protector hydrophobic sealer.

Applying a concrete sealer is not hard with the right equipment, or the right contractor who has all the right equipment.

Be sure to plaque the project with No Entry Signing, Cones, and or Caution Tape. Start on one end of the project and using the pump sprayer apply an even coat moving side to side. Use the control joints to your advantage to do sections at a time.

When using The Concrete Protector penetrating hydrophobic sealer, you will notice the concrete will turn darker and have a white tint to it. As the concrete sealer absorbs into the concrete it will begin to look dry again and the white tint will dissipate as it will dry clear. Move fast enough within the control joints to coat the whole space evenly before it dries, then move on to the next section. Repeat this step until you are completely finished sealing the project.

You’re almost finished. Rinse out the sprayer and wash off all the tools that were used. Allow 24 hours of dry before walking or driving on the project. The Concrete Protector hydrophobic penetrating sealer carriers a limited lifetime warranty. Our sealer penetrates into the concrete. We do recommend a maintenance coat after 3 years. I must also say that our sealer was used to seal the oldest street in America!!

The Concrete Protector Hydrophobic Penetrating sealer may be purchased through KC Artistic Concrete of Kansas City Mo.

You may also visit The Concrete Protector web site for more valuable information.


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