1. Do I need a Moisture Test (MVT)?
Below grade floors are recommended to have a Moisture Test. Often times, due to my time and experince in the field, I’m able to tell if the floor is going to have a problem with moisture wicking through at a rate of 6lbs more or less in a 24 hour period. My products can lock down up to 7lbs of pressure, equivalent to a 1/3 of what comes out of your tap. Up to 3lbs is considered Moisture Vapor Transfer. Above 3lbs its called Hydrostatic pressure. If I feel that moisture is a problem or the test comes back higher than 6lbs, I can do a moisture barrier with a different product and continue with the high solids system, or you can for go the extra charge per foot for the installation of the moisture barrier and do a Water Based System which is a breathable system. All concrete wicks moisture. As your standing in your basement, or any slab of concrete, there is moisture dissipating all around you. You cant tell it because its odorless and colorless. To become educated and informed on the way a moisture test should be done if the substrate is questionable for a high content of Moisture Vapor Transmission, please see out page on moisture testing. You may want to do this test yourself, or I can do it for a small fee for you.

2. Is There A Warranty?
I do offer a limited warranty against peeling and flaking. The type of project determines the length of warranty. We use all man-made materials, and our projects are hand crafted 100%. We cannot buy these looks off of a shelf where they are mass produced perfectly. This floor will be the only one like it on the planet. All concrete is different. There will be some imperfections in our projects, but over all they will look amazing! I cannot guarantee against future cracking in the slab or cracks that I repaired not to come back. I can only use market available masking products, there may be some paint pull when stripping said masking materials, you will be responsible for any touch ups with painting if before mentioned condition results. Air bubbles may occur while epoxy is curing, resulting in pin holes, if this happens we will scrape the bubbles out with a razor blade, touching up with applicable color, then put down the final coat, which is usually the Urethane. This does not hurt the integrity of the coating. I cannot guarantee against ghosting in the concrete to appear in my top coat of sealer. Not responsible for bugs and animals that may become entrapped while project is curing. Not responsible for water damage from leaking pipes or receptacles. Not responsible for unauthorized entry from someone not respecting non entry markings such as caution tape, cones, and signing. The General Contractor/Owner and Artistic Concrete Coatings shall work together on a satisfiable resolution if a repair is inevitable due to an unforeseen situation.

On interior flooring, I recommend waxing the floor; this will give you another wear layer. You will need to wax the floor 5 times initially using a 20% acrylic based wax. To apply simply use a swiffer micro-fiber pad. To clean the floor you will use a microfiber cloth on a swifter attachment. Mild soap and water usually will pull up any stubborn spots from spillage. Use only wood, plastic or felt under sliding furniture. Set metal shelving in place, do not slide, push, pull, or drag, as metal edges will scratch the finish as it would on any other finish as well. Do not use rolling chair type furniture unless you get a floor protector, as it will cause a friction burn pattern. You can purchase the wax called Thermal Coat finish at The Mop Bucket located in N. Kansas City Mo.

On exterior concrete projects and garage floors, I recommend simply hosing it off with water from a hose. A little soap, water and stiff bristle broom will usually get up any stubborn stains. Use a squeegee to push the water away as you clean.

Outdoor projects only, I recommend resealing the project every three years with a 30% Acrylic Based Sealer.

3. What is covered in the Estimate?
Thank you for the opportunity to propose a solution for your Renovation Concrete Project. In this proposal we are recommending the best products available in the Epoxy, and Coatings industry. We believe that proper preparation and attention to detail is the key to a successful outcome. The key to this success is to turn the floor over to me and let me run my job in the most professional manner as my industry dictates. This will limit the window for error and extra expense, as my crew and I know what to do and when to do it. Other Sub contractor traffic and work space, (If applicable), human or animal traffic, (if applicable), temperatures, humidity, moisture vapor transfer, weather and concrete sub strait condition as a whole, are just the tip of parameters I evaluate as I’m selling the service and doing the install. I have to educate and inform you of what system I would use for your project. I will communicate with you during the installation process from start to finish so that you know what you are getting and what step we are on in the system install schedule provided below. In this industry I have seen unforeseen things arise, things you cannot see or predict. If and when this occurs, a meeting must be set up as soon as possible to discuss the issue and come up with a solution that may result in extra money. After install I turn the floor over to you based on cure times.